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Marion Tonner, L.R.A.D., A.R.A.D. is a native of London, England. Tonner received her  education and dance training on full scholarship at the Royal Academy of Dance in  Battersea, London under Keith Lester. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance  (TTC) with honors and credentials including a Licentiate Diploma and Advanced Teaching  Certificate. Often described as a teachers’ teacher, Marion enjoys analyzing body  mechanics, developing fine coordination, and designing ballet classes to promote artistry  and prevent injury. 


Most recently Ms. Tonner has been the School Director of Oregon Ballet Theatre (AGMA) (2018-2022) under Artistic Director, Kevin Irving. Prior to her time spent in Oregon she  served for 6 years (2012-2018) as Principal of the Orlando Ballet School South, under the  Artistic Direction of Robert Hill. Now back in her home in Florida, she is taking on freelance projects as a guest teacher offering master classes, workshops and intensives for students  and teachers. Marion is currently senior guest teacher for United Ballet Theatre (Orlando) under the Artistic Direction of Joseph Gatti. 

Ms. Tonner was formerly a full-time faculty member of the University of the Arts in  Philadelphia, the Miami City Ballet, and the Boston Ballet in addition to her time with  Orlando Ballet and Oregon Ballet Theatre. Tonner also directed her own ballet school in  Philadelphia for ten years - the ‘Marion Tonner Ballet Center’. In 2004 she was invited to develop the first dance program for Lake Wales Charter Schools, and over a period of ten  years introduced classical ballet to hundreds of new K-12 dance students in Central  Florida. 


Marion has been a guest teacher/choreographer for the Sarasota Ballet School, the  Orlando Ballet School, Pittsburgh Youth Ballet, the Nashville Ballet, and many dance  teacher organizations. She enjoys working with dance teachers and sharing her years of  teaching experience. As a summer guest teacher, she taught at the world-renowned  Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet for 23 years. 

Tonner danced professionally in the US with the Maryland Ballet, where she also served as  Ballet Mistress. Her professional performing career spanned 12 years and included guest  appearances with the Philadelphia Opera. In Britain she performed at the Scala Theatre,  Collegiate Theatre before immigrating to the United States. 

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