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Allyson Wood


Allyson is very enthusiastic to share her love of dance with you all! She began dancing at the young age of 2 and fell in love immediately. She began her dance career as a professional dancer at the age of 17, where she landed a dream roll as a dancer for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. She then took on many auditions where she got to perform all over the United States in many varies dance gigs. She began to teach dance at the age of 17 as an assistant teacher, then began to teach her own classes at the age of 18. She has taught at many studios over her career that led her and inspired her to continue her growth and love for dance. Her main background in dance includes Ballet, Lyrical, Musical Theatre and Jazz. She has also studied other styles for many years, including Tap, Modern, Hip Hop, and Acro (Tumbling). Allyson Moved to Georgia in 2016 and took on the task of owning a dance studio up there for a few years, before life led her back to her home to central Florida. Allyson is now currently still working in the dance industry at dance competitions and conventions, including working as a Regional Director for Fly Dance Competition. Allyson also has a Master’s degree in Special Needs Education and works as a Speech Therapy Assistant part time.

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