2020-2021 Schedule


*School grades are listed as a guideline to help assist you in finding the appropriate class(es) for your dancer! 

*Dancers must be attending Kindergarten to enroll in our LEVEL I classes. 

*Pre-K dancers must be potty trained and independent enough to come into the studio without a parent. 

*MS= Middle School students 

*HS= High School students 

*INT= Intermediate. These classes are designed for dancers who have had at least 3 to 5 years of training. 

*ADV= Advanced. These classes are designed for dancers who have had several consecutive years of training in various styles. 



PREP CLASS - This class is designed for any dancer who aspires to be a part of our XTREME team and/or seeking extra training in Ballet/Jazz Technique, strengthening and flexibility! 



Each student will have their own tumbling mat during the entire class. These mats will be disinfected before & after each class.



We have 2 completely separate shows during our annual recital weekend! Our weekly classes are split into 2 groups- SHOW A & SHOW B.

Each show performs 2 times within the performance weekend. If you would like to make an effort to stay in ONE show (consisting of 2 performances), please pay attention to the A vs. B notated on the class schedule. Be aware that if you enroll in BOTH Show A & Show B classes, your dancer will be in 4 total performances (2 different shows) during the recital weekend. Here is an EXAMPLE of our annual  Performance weekend schedule. 
                FRIDAY-            7pm         SHOW A  
                SATURDAY-      1pm          SHOW A 
                SATURDAY-      7:30pm     SHOW B
                SUNDAY-           3pm         SHOW B 

Schedule is subject to change!

Classes begin September 8th!


Time                           Class/ Level           Grade 20/21          Teacher          Show


4:00-5:00pm                Int. Ballet III                3rd-5th                       Amy                 A          

4:00-5:00pm                Tap/Jazz I                   K- 2nd                        April                 B                      

4:00-5:00pm                Tumbling II FULL      2nd-4th                      Linda*               A                      


5:15-6:00pm                Ballet I: FULL            K-2nd                         Amy                B

5:15-6:00pm                Hip Hop II: FULL       2nd-4th                      April                 A

5:15-6:15pm                 Jr Stretch                                                      Linda*              


6:15-7:00pm                Pre-Dance  FULL         Pre-K                        Amy                 B 

6:15-7:00pm                Tap II                            2nd-4th                     April                 A          



7:15-8:15pm                Teen Tap                      MS/HS                       April                 B

7:30-8:30pm                SR Adv. Tap                 HS                             Amy                 B 

7:30-8:30pm                Grad Stretch  FULL                                    Linda*


8:30-9:15pm                Teen Jazz/Cont           MS/HS                       April                 B          

8:45-9:45pm                SR Adv. Tap                 HS                             Amy                 A 

8:45-9:45pm                SR Stretch  FULL                                         Linda*  


Time                    Class/ Level            Grade 20/21      Teacher      Show


4:00-4:45pm                Ballet II                           2nd-4th                   Amy                  A

4:00-4:45pm                Tumbling I   FULL         K-2nd                      Linda*               A 

4:00-4:45pm                Jazz/Contemp II             2nd-4th                   Kylie                 A


4:50-5:45pm                Adv. TwnBallet                MS                           Amy                 B

4:50-5:35pm                Tumbling II: FULL          2nd-4th                    Linda*              A 

4:50-5:35pm                Jazz/Hip Hop  I: FULL   K- 2nd                      Kylie                A


5:40-6:25pm                Tumbling II                     3rd-5th                     Linda*              A

5:40-6:25pm                Jazz/Hip Hop I               K-2nd                       Kylie                A

5:50-6:35pm                Ballet I                            K-2nd                       Amy                 A              


6:30-7:30pm                Tween Team  FULL                                       Edward               

6:30-7:30pm                Tn Adv. Contemp FULL MS/HS                   James               B 

6:40-7:40pm                Adv. Tumbling FULL       HS                          *Linda


7:40-8:40pm                SR Adv. Ballet FULL       HS                           Amy                A

7:40-8:40pm                Teen Team `FULL                                           Edward

7:40-8:40pm                GRAD Adv. Contemp      HS                           James              A


8:45-9:45pm                SR Adv. Contemp FULL HS                           James              B 

8:45-9:45pm                GRAD Adv. Ballet            HS                           Amy                  B 


Time                     Class/ Level          Grade 20/21      Teacher        Show


10am - 10:45am          Mom & Me                    age 2                      Linda*               B


4:00-4:45pm               Jazz/Contemp II: FULL 2nd-4th                   April                  B

4:00-4:45pm                Pre-dance:                  Pre-K                       Linda*               A 

4:00-4:45pm                Hip Hop: FULL             3rd - 5th                  Benj                  B


4:50-5:35pm                Tap III                           4th-6th                      April                 B 

4:50-5:35pm                Jr Prep Class                3rd-5th                     Linda*

4:50-5:50pm                Tn Adv Hip HopFULL   8th-9th                      Benj                 B


5:40-6:25pm                Jazz/Contemp              3rd-5th                     April                  A

6:00-7:00pm                Teen Stretch                                                 Linda *

6:00-7:00pm                Hip Hop - FULL             6th-7th                     Benj                A

6:30-7:15pm                Jazz/Contemp:           3rd-5th                      April                A


7:15-8:15pm                Hip Hop                         MS                           April                 A

7:10-8:10pm                Tween Stretch                                                Linda

7:15-8:15pm                SR Adv. Hip Hop            HS                           Benj                 B


8:15-9:15pm                Contemp/Jazz                MS/HS                     April                 A

8:20-9:20pm                Adv. Tumbling                 MS/HS                     Linda*              B 

8:30-9:30pm                SR Adv. Hip Hop            HS                            Benj                 A


Time                     Class/ Level          Grade 20/21      Teacher      Show


4:00-4:45pm                Pre-Dance                    Pre-K                      Linda*              B 

4:15-5:00pm                Tap I/II                          1st-3rd                    Amy                 B 

4:00-4:45pm                Contemp II                   3rd-5th                    Kylie                A


5:00-6:00pm                Int Teen Ballet                                             Amy /Linda*     

5:00-5:45pm                Ballet II                         2nd-4th                   Linda/Amy*      B  

5:00-6:00pm              Twn Team Contemp/Jazz 5th-6th                  James              B


6:00-6:45pm                Ballet Int.                       4th-5th                   Amy                 A 

6:15-7:00pm                Tumbling III FULL          5th-7th                  Linda              A  

6:15-7:00pm                Int Teen Contemporary                                James             


7:00-8:00pm                Sr Jazz/Tn/Leap  FULL                               James            B

7:00-7:45pm                Adv Tap  FULL                6th-8th                  Amy                 


8:00-9:00pm                GRAD Sr Jazz/Tn/Lp        HS                       James             A 

8:00-9:00pm                Teen Adv Ballet  FULL                                Amy


9:00-10:00pm               SR -Musical Theatre (rotation)                      Amy    


Time                     Class/ Level            Grade 20/21     Teacher      Show

4:00-4:45pm                Jazz I                             1st-3rd                    April                 B

5:00-5:45pm                Ballet I                           1st-3rd                    April                 B

6:00-6:45pm                Pre-dance                      Pre-K                      April                 B